Here you can find all information for my auction which benefits
"Helden für Herzen e.V."

You are bidding on the lightsaber seen in the photos. The saber is show combat-ready, has 6 colors that you can choose, swing- and clash sounds, Flash on Clash, 2W speaker, 18650 Lithium Ion battery with recharge port and killkey. The middle part is custom etched with the aurebesh letters slightly protruding. The auction includes the blade and a matching charger.









This is a silent auction. I accept your bids by email, Facebook-message, Instagram direct as well as the contact form on my homepage.

Bids must contain the following information:

   - Full name

   - Amount of bid in Euros

   - Emailaddress

   - Country to shich the saber is to be shipped

Bids will be accepted until Sunday, 11 December 2016, 22:00 middle european time, the winner will be contacted by me the following day.

Bids are binding, and can only be removed if I agree to this, and only before the end of the auction.

Package and posting will be added to the auction, these are:

   - 6€ Germany

   - 14€ Europe

   - 42€ Worldwide

The winner of the auction has to pay the final amount within 48 hours after being contacted by me, or he loses his claim.

The earnings from this auction will benefit the association "Helden für Herzen e.V." at 100%, in the form of a donation.

For questions or more information, please contact me before bidding.

The auction and donation will benefit kids, which is why I  kindly ask to only bid when you are sure of it. Fun-bidders will be reported.

Bidding on the saber does not constitute a legal claim on the saber. This will only be the case after payment is received. At this point the sales contract is finalized.